Sustainability, Responsibility, Ethics

Sustainability, Responsibility, Ethics

Sustainability, Responsibility, Ethics

At Saga Jewelry, we believe in creating forever heirlooms with a sustainable and transparent practice.

We keep our carbon footprint low by manufacturing our jewelry in recycling silver from our studio located in the last set of 19th century industrial courtyards remaining in the heart of its historic Faubourg Saint Antoine district in Paris 11. Each piece is designed and carved in wax like little sculptures by Saga’s founder Tiphaine Szczypawka.

This delicate, textured wax sculpture is then wrapped up, and walked over to our caster three doors away.

Every step of our process is driven by human beings and their stories, from Tiphaine to our caster to you.

The casting process

Your lovely jewel is transformed from wax to recycled silver through the ancient and magical technique of lost-wax casting. The forever piece of jewelry is carefully finished, assembled and polished in the studio by hand.

No piece is made in 3D, each jewel is born from the hand of its creator: the jewel is unique, it’s alive, it lives from passion. For the making of the jewels, we use a technique dating from antiquity: the technique of lost wax casting. This technique consists in sculpting by hand a volume or a jewel out of wax using tools such as gravers, soldering iron, torch, then taking the imprint of this wax sculpture in a silicone mould in which the molten metal will be poured in order to see the precious jewel come to life.

The metal

The jewels are made of 925 recycled sterling silver.

The recycled silver comes from Cookson-CLAL who are part of the Heimerle + Meule GmbH group and certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. All waste returns to the foundry to be cast again into more talismans the following day.

Some of our chains are sourced from a responsible supplier RJC-certified from recycled silver.


Saga Jewelry is highly invested in protecting and supporting the heritage of the ancient technique of Lost-wax crafting.

Saga Jewelry is committed to working with local partners, mindful of keeping this craft alive, and maintaining a low carbon footprint.

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