SAGA JEWELRY is a brand created by Tiphaine Szczypawka who was born a 8.8.88 in Lorraine, most famous steel region of France. With an artist and coppersmith father, she went to Lorraine art school after graduating from high school and finally took an other path working in the Tech industry and travelling the world, passionated by ancient cultures such as incas civilisation.

In 2020, she left her career to pursue a dream in expressing herself through the art of jewelry and metal sculptures in her studio located in one of the last industrial courtyards of the 19th century in Paris.

She makes handcrafted recycled silver jewelry inspired by the elements of the natural world and the beauty she discovered in different countries where she lived: Canada, South America, Ireland, Berlin, France. Tiphaine is drawn to the sculptural freedom and unpredictability of jewelry, using the ancient technique of lost wax casting - a process whereby each piece is carved by hand in wax, before being cast in precious metals, resulting in a collection of wholly unique pieces.

The pieces strive toward the elemental, retaining an organicism which allows the wearer an effortless tactile relationship with the jewelry. Tiphaine’s way is to counter the wasteful fast fashion jewelry by insisting that having less, but high quality jewelry can make a change. All materials used are ethically sourced, sustainably produced, recycled and reclaimed.